Creative leader
+ brand designer

I'm a born-and-raised Texan, living in Chicago. And my favorite word is still "y'all."

But if you really want to know me, know this: When a new subject appeals to me, I naturally gravitate toward mastering it through a bizarre amount of determination. Sometimes the practice fades away, but I remain shaped by the effort and knowledge.

Some example subjects are probably helpful: American land art and minimalist sculpture, growing tomatoes, making magazines, queer visual culture, mountain climbers (the exercise), photorealism drawing, house plants, portraiture, mid-distance running, cultivating company culture, yogi's crow pose, editorial illustrations, baking braided breads (and yes, I also became one of those sourdough starter freaks during the pandemic).

So, what am I currently learning? On the job, I love facilitating teams to think about their work from new angles, and I'm helping young and innovative companies figure out how to tell their foundational story. At home, I'm practicing my yoga inversions to eventually master a handstand; I'm hoping my calamondin orange tree has a better harvest this year; and I'm always learning about natural wine.

Up next? I'd love to learn the piano and design a book cover.

While I'm doing that, check out my résumé and read my musings on inspiration, creativity and (non-religious) spirituality.

Roles, at the desk

  • Design Manager (ACD)
    CME Group • Feb '23 – Current
  • Art Director
    LaunchSquad • Jan '21 – Feb '23
  • Art Director
    Imagination • Jan '19 – Dec '20
  • Design + Photo Director
    Guerrero • Jan '16 – Jan '19
  • Photo Editor
    Guerrero • Apr '14 – Jan '16