A leader in consumer data strategy and customer loyalty programs, Epsilon needed to break through the digital noise to speak to its audience: marketing leaders. Reaching the CMO is difficult, especially when marketers are inundated with gobs of low-quality content (often created by other marketers). But we saw a whitespace: build a thought leadership platform for marketing leaders, and deliver the content unlike anyone else.

As the art director and principal designer on the account, I built the premiere issue, from naming to the nameplate and from imagery styles to layout design. I led our creative team through a series of naming exercises to name Epsilon's new sub-brand for its content and magazine ("Core"), designing various nameplates along the way. As we developed the story architecture of the publication, I built moodboards and art direction for photography and illustrations. Ultimately, we hired a handful of photographers and artists to produce original artwork, and supplemented with high-quality, unique stock art, all geared to feel like an extension of the main Epsilon brand.

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