From a content and aesthetics perspective, venture capital firms are notorious for being dry, dull, uninspiring and frankly, quick to scroll past. But Worklife isn’t your typical VC; they exist to make work more creative and fun. So I helped them elevate their visual presence to reflect this ethos. We took a two-pronged approach: [1] recurring visuals and [2] unique editorial visuals. With another designer under my wing (Scherry Van Kirk), we looked at their social strategy, made recommendations for new content types, and ultimately built a large pool of social templates the client team could easily lift and use after our engagement. We gave them the full gamut, from blog post promotions and Tweets to memes and audiograms. And then I started to build original artwork for our ongoing blog contributions, developing an editorial illustration style that both married with the existing brand and felt unique to each story at hand.

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